[NEWS] New PS4 Pro Irrelevant?

Today, on September 7, 2016, Sony has finally revealed the brand new Ps4 Pro! The news of an updated Playstation 4 system has been floating around for the past couple of months with the codename “Neo”. At the Sony Video Conference in New York, Sony has finally revealed the new system along with the new specs. Check out the video below uploaded by Youtuber, MKIceAndFire.

With the announcement of the system itself, the lead system architect for the PS4 Pro, Mark Cerny, went onstage and talked about graphics, internals and even showed some amazing gameplay footage of how games will look come its release date on November 10, 2016.  The Ps4 Pro is indeed bigger than the standard Playstation 4, some would say it looks like two PS4’s stacked on top of each other, but is it all really worth it? Did the Xbox Scorpio beat out Sony in this weird updated console war?

I truly believe that Sony was going to announce the PS4 Pro during this years E3, but backed out after getting wind of what Microsofts specs were going to be for the new Scorpio. I think that Sony should of dropped the PS4 Pro and held for two years and announced the PS5 or whatever they’re going to call it, but this is all coming from a person who already has a PS4. I guess if you don’t own one now, then the PS4 Pro would I guess be worth it. The games that they showed do look stunning, but I’m not that into graphics enough to drop $400.00 on a new system.

Along with the announcement of the PS4 Pro, the new PS4 Slim was also announced. It’s sleeker than the original PS4 and has some upgraded internals like the hard drive, which is now 1TB.  The conference itself was a real bore compared to their E3 presentation, which was f***ing fantastic!

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 5.40.11 PM

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