[GAMEPLAY] Titanfall 2 Pre-Alpha Gameplay On The PS4

Hey Everyone!

I decided to upload some gameplay footage from the Titanfall 2 Pre-Alpha that went live a few weeks ago. Check it out below and please like and subscribe!

I had an absolute blast playing the pre-alpha! I honestly wish I had more time to play, but I was extremely happy that I was able to squeeze in some time during the week to get my hands on it. There were some small things that I think they should of kept in from the first Titanfall game. The main one being the first person view the camera puts you in when jumping into your Titan. In the new game (at least in the Pre-Alpha) it seemed they took that completely out – you simple just stay in a third person view with the camera slightly changing angle. Again, this is a pre-alpha (not even a beta!) so I’m sure a lot will change when the game comes out in October.

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