[TRAILER] The Last Of Us Part 2 Official Story Trailer

Naughty Dogs and Sony have finally released a new The Last Of Us Part 2 story trailer this morning and it looks fantastic in my opinion and I couldn’t be more excited. In the past week or so, Naughty Dogs and Sony took a massive blow with a devastating story leak that practically laid out the whole story and revealed scenes from the game that showed who dies and who doesn’t.

I personally tried to stay clear from any of the leaks including the leaked footage but because the internet is the way it is, I would see spoiler comments on random Youtube or Facebook posts that were completely unrelated to The Last Of Us Part 2.

Despite what I’ve heard, I still view it as hearsay even though it is just blatantly leaked on the internet and people are literally just bullet pointing the plot points of the game. The overwhelming hate for this game because of the stories direction is getting crazy and out of hand, even causing people to cancel their pre-orders.

Now, the story leaks that I’ve read and what I’ve heard from popular video game Youtubers does have me a little worried but it’s not going to stop me from cancelling my pre-order. I’ve been waiting for this game since I beat the first one and this trailer just increases my excitement for the game. The Last Of Us Part 2 is set to come out on June 19, 2020.

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