don't Breathe 2 Trailer

[TRAILER] Don’t Breathe 2 – IGN Exclusive Trailer

The trailer for the sequel to the suspenseful home invasion movie, Don’t Breathe by Fede Alvarez, has…

[GAMEPLAY] Operation: Tango(PS5)

Operation: Tango, is a fun cooperative spy game that takes the tropes of being…

Back 4 Blood

[TRAILER] Back 4 Blood Official Characters & Zombies Trailer

Back 4 Blood, is the latest game coming out by developer,

Aliens FireTeam

[TRAILER] Aliens: Fireteam Announcement Trailer

So, it’s Left 4 Dead with Xenomorphs and Colonial Space Marines?! Sign me up!

Outriders - Square Enix

Outriders? My Hopes For Square Enix’s New RPG Looter-Shooter

Loot shooters are shooter games where the player’s overarching goal is the accumulation of loot; weapons, equipment, armor, accessories and…

[TRAILER] Scorn – 13 minutes Of 4K Gameplay On The Xbox Series X

Gamespot, recently released a new exclusive sneak peek of the mysterious horror-esque game

The Last Of Us Part 2 official story trailer

[TRAILER] The Last Of Us Part 2 Official Story Trailer

Naughty Dogs and Sony have finally released a new The Last Of Us Part 2 story…

Shudder Main Image

[REVIEW] So I Signed Up For The Shudder Streaming Service

It’s been a little over a month now since day 1 of the Shelter In Place measure…


[NEWS] The Candyman is back in a brand new trailer

Earlier today, Universal Pictures, swiftly dropped the trailer for the anticipated Candyman sequel today….

[NEWS] Eli Roth To Direct Borderlands Movie

In an awesome and unexpected announcement, Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Deathwish) will be…