[NEWS] New Overwatch Hero – Hammond (Wrecking Ball) – “Do not anger the hamster”

Hey All! We’re back again with a brand new Overwatch hero and I must say, he’s a cute little guy! In summary, he’s a new tank hero in which his unique ability is that he can turn into a wrecking ball – seriously, like a physical wrecking ball! Hammond, is a hamster that operates a mech that can transform into a ball (a nice play on one of those hamster balls) and by using a grappling claw to hook onto a wall, he can then swing wildly and damage enemies. It will make you feel like Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball gif

Ha! Just kidding! Hammond is way cooler. Make sure you check out Jeff Kaplan’s Developer Update video, Hammond’s Origin Story video and a list of his abilities below!


Overwatch Hammond Abilities

(Image provided from playoverwatch.com)


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