[NEWS] Henry Cavill Teases New Superman Outfit For Justice League?

Yesterday, Superman himself, Henry Cavill posted this super close pic of what looks like could be his new suit in the Justice League movie. With a simple “#Superman” caption he posted along with the photo, it seems like this legitimately could be his new suit!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.33.12 PM

If this is in fact a new costume, does this mean we will finally get Superman’s black Solar Suit from 2007 animated feature “Superman: Doomsday”? The Solar Suit was one of my favorite suits that Superman helmed because it looked completely different. When the popular comic book “The Return of Superman” came out, Clark Kent returned with a black suit, a silver “S” and hair down to his shoulders. The way Batman Vs. Superman left off, it definitely hints that there is going to be a new and revised look for Superman.


(Image From: www.costumecraze.com)

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