Back 4 Blood

[TRAILER] Back 4 Blood Official Characters & Zombies Trailer

Back 4 Blood, is the latest game coming out by developer,

Aliens FireTeam

[TRAILER] Aliens: Fireteam Announcement Trailer

So, it’s Left 4 Dead with Xenomorphs and Colonial Space Marines?! Sign me up!

Outriders - Square Enix

Outriders? My Hopes For Square Enix’s New RPG Looter-Shooter

Loot shooters are shooter games where the player’s overarching goal is the accumulation of loot; weapons, equipment, armor, accessories and…

[TRAILER] Scorn – 13 minutes Of 4K Gameplay On The Xbox Series X

Gamespot, recently released a new exclusive sneak peek of the mysterious horror-esque game

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Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan talks to the community once again on what the upcoming…

[TRAILER] Titanfall 2 Single Player Teaser Trailer

If you were a fan of the first Titanfall game, then you were just as excited as…